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Best_Phone“Which is the Best Phone” is a question we must get asked hundreds of times a week! What do you want from a Best Phone? Is it that you require the most up to date DECT, or are you looking at a single Analogue telephone. Or is it that you are wanting the Best Phone to sit reliably with a Phone System?

If this is the case then we would recommend the Samsung OfficeServ 7,14 or 21 button phones (Add-on modules with extra keys can be programmed).


They have a clear LCD screen which guides the operator through all of the key functions, giving prompts. They are the Best Phone for clearness as they use digital technology. These work effortlessly with cordless headsets making the user a lot more comfortable if the use of a PC is needed alongside answering the phone. These are the Best Phone we find in that they are very modern and stylish.



Best_Internet_Phone_platDial 0800 652 8052 to speak to one of our experts on the Best Phone for you and also about anything from Conferencing, Least Cost Routing, Voice Mail, Auto Attendant to Call Management Software.
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