Better Telecom

Better_TelecomBetter telecom understanding and advances are available in the guise of OfficeServ. We sell Samsung Telephone Systems because we believe that they offer better telecom solutions than other manufacturers.


Our Engineers can program the equipment to perform numerous features which can be tailored to meet the needs and demands of any company, large or small. We think that when up-grading or starting out better telecom knowledge is essential that’s why here at TelephoneSystemsDirect we have a team of experts experienced in helping you get the full potential out of your switch.

Items such as Voice Mail with the addition of Recording (now a legal requirement in certain industries) and Auto Attendant  – which is free and in the same package.

Better_Telecom_25_OFFWe offer 25% OFF Samsung’s RRP – No Quibble – Check out our Lines & Minutes services.

Better_Telecom_platWe maintain a huge pop ulationof customers all over the UK and because we are Platinum dealers we don’t have to wait for supplies from our supplier, it is all carried in house .For better telecom information dial on 0800 652 8052.

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