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Biz_PhoneA Biz phone I suppose is slang for a business phone. Biz phone could mean a telephone that delivers really good things. Either way we have all of the solutions available to you.

A phone system is probably the most important technology investment that any organisation will buy, that is why we understand and empathise with all of our customers and strongly suggest looking at what Samsung has to offer – being that they deliver both Cost-Effective alternatives to other manufacturers and are extremely User Friendly.Biz_Phone_25_OFF

We specialise in the OfficeServ range whether dealing with a smaller 2 extension switch – right up to hundreds of extensions. The actual handsets we would class as a Biz phone because of their ease of navigation on all features via the LCD screen.

Biz Phone System.pdf

Biz_Phone_platWe are experts in VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and LAN. We can give sound, comprehensive, advice on such issues as Conferencing, VM, Record, Auto Attendants, Caller Management Software, and much more…..

Please dial us now on 0800 652 8052 and see how we can help your company make the correct choice.

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