Bluetooth Cordless Phone

bluetooth_cordless_phoneWhen you hear the termbluetooth_cordless_phone_a “BlueTooth cordless phone†you need to ask yourself a few questions!  Firstly – what is BlueTooth technology? – What would be the range of a BlueTooth cordless phone?

You’re probably looking for information on a BlueTooth cordless phone headset enabling you to talk hands-free near your desk or to be able to answer your mobile phone as you’ve got your hands full of pipe work because you’re a plumber!

So really this BlueTooth cordless phone is a fallacy!  bluetooth_cordless_phone.pdf

bluetooth_cordless_phone_bAt Telephone Systems Direct we believe in giving you the truth, even if it means we don’t make a sale.  We’ll provide the products that give best performance and services that offer value-for-money like the Plantronics BlueTooth cordless headsets C60, Voyager or Jabra DN, or something similar.

TelephoneSystemsDirect has a record of supplying phone accessories, systems, applications and support to the business community throughout the UK.  That’s earned the title of SME Reseller of the Year, and together with its Samsung Platinum accreditation assures you of satisfaction.  0800 652 8052 connects you to an advisor to discuss BlueTooth cordless phone solutions.

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