Bluetooth Office Headset

Bluetooth_Office_HeadsetIn today’s offices staff frequently need to communicate while away from their work station. By using a DECT or Bluetooth Office Headset they can roam the premises, still being able to answer when their desk phone rings.  The Bluetooth Office Headset gives an audible beep to the user who can then click on the earpiece button which answers the caller. It all depends on distance!  Bluetooth_Office_Headset.pdf

Bluetooth_Office_Headset_VoIPMany of our clients have found a Bluetooth Office Headset invaluable.  A prime example is a small medical warehouse where order takers can pop out of the office into the stock area to check on physical availability while remaining in conversation with the customer.  The scope of the Bluetooth Office Headset does depend on the site’s building materials.  Bluetooth is upto 10 metres so  bluetooth repeaters might be required or access points to allow greater freedom.

Should your people require increased range then consider a DECTofficeheadset instead.

At Telephone Systems Direct we can advise which Bluetooth Office Headset would be best suited to you.  Please call us now on 0800 6528052.

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