Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

Bluetooth_Wireless_HeadsetsHeadsets have been around for years.  Bluetooth_Wireless_Headsets_armThe freedom that Bluetooth Wireless Headsets provide to the user is difficult to measure.  The only reliable measurement is to supply Bluetooth Wireless Headsets to some of your staff and then take them away after a week or two – see what the reaction is!

A high proportion of our customers use a number of Wireless Headsets connected to their Samsung key-phones with the handset lifter accessory. They can leave their workstation confident that they can answer a call while doing another job elsewhere, returning to their desk to deal with the client as necessary, seamlessly to the caller.

There are many Bluetooth Wireless Headsets with monaural, binaural versions, in-the ear, over-the-head, etc to suit each individual’s preference.


Browse the Headset section of our web-site, or call one of our specialists at Telephone Systems Direct to be advised of the particular benefits of Bluetooth Wireless Headsets on 0800 6528052.


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