Broadband and Phone

Broadband_and_PhoneBroadband and Phone are the first two things that people ask us about when purchasing upgrading their firm’s communications and we understand that for many companies this will be the most important technology investment they will make: this being their main point of contact with customers and clients – it had better be good!

We start with the basics with Broadband and Phone explained fully in our initial conversations. Organisations want a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that will deliver all of the features that they need to operate smoothly as a business.

Best Buy Phone Systems

Broadband starts the topic of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – again we will guide you all the way through choosing the right bandwidth for your needs.  Should you consider SIP trunks?  We can price it all up for you – cheaper than BT!

Broadband_and_Phone_PlatBroadband_and_Phone_25_OFFWe realise that cost is big factor which is why we specialise in Samsung. 
Being platinum dealers, means that we can offer these fantastic reliable products and with 25% off RRP.

To speak to one of our experts dial 0800 652 8052.

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