Broadband IP Phone

Broadband_IP_PhoneA Broadband IP Phone is visually the same as a standard handset but if you turn the Broadband IP Phone over you will notice that instead of having a normal RJ11 inlet it has a RJ45 power supply. This connects to a CAT5 socket which hooks up to the OfficeServ System. Calls are then routed via a local area network or a remote broadband connection.

Broadband_IP_Phone_25_OFFThe IP in Broadband IP Phone stands for Internet Protocol. More than ever we install and maintain Broadband IP Phone PBXs and specialise in Samsung as we find them superior to other manufacturers – offering great tech support and keeping on top of future comms technology.

A Broadband IP Phone has the usual features that are expected of a keyset like Conferencing, Transferring, Call Recording, Voice Mail and Auto Attendants to direct incoming traffic. The Caller Management Software is a fantastic advantage for any organisation.


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