Broadband IP Phones

Broadband_IP_PhonesVisually Broadband IP phones look like a digital handsets but the difference is on the base instead of having an RJ11 power supply inlet they have an RJ45 port leading to a CAT5 socket. This carries the traffic to the OfficeServ this routes to a local area router or a broadband connection.

Broadband_IP_Phone_25_OFFBroadband IP phones are very easy for the end user to navigate and if calls come into the building to a receptionist, the transferring can be programmed to be done with the use of only one button per extension.



Some Broadband IP phones have a navigation wheel in addition to the usual feature keys meaning that performing every-day tasks becomes a swifter operation.  The addition of a Plantronics Cordless Headset or similar gives comfort if dealing with a PC at the same time as having a telephone conversation.

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