Broadband Phone Cable

Broadband_Phone_CableA Broadband Phone Cable is delivered direct from a service provider such as BT, Virgin and NTL.

A Broadband Phone Cable is only needed to be a part of a PBX if using VoIP. It will have a router attached to it – this connects to the LAN or WAN (Local or Wide Area Network). A Broadband Phone Cable is an analogue line which gets Internet access at various speeds  (bandwidth).

It is usually recommended that you have a seperate circuit for voice traffic.

Broadband_Phone_Cable_PlatWe specialise providing clients with the right solution for Broadband and with the OfficeServ7000 series phone range which can be programmed whichever an organization wants it to work.  In fact we are one of the top re-sellers for Samsung in the UK – installing and maintaining all sizes of Telephone Systems all over the country.

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If you are thinking of upgrading or indeed purchasing a new Switch please call us on 0800 652 8052, we will be able to help with any of your concerns and requirements.

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