Broadband Phone Call

Broadband_Phone_CallYour Broadband Phone Call will be utilising the Voice-over-IP technology made possible by the Internet.

Those at home will be making a broadband phone call when using Skype – those in business will be connecting through an IP-enabled comms system connected to the World Wide Web.

Broadband_Phone_Call_25_OFFChoosing the right broadband phone call package is important.  Each call uses in the region of 60Kb of your bandwidth, both upload & download.  Most domestic & introductory broadband packages will only give you an up speed of 256Kb.  This means that you can only realistically participate in 1 or 2 Broadband phone calls simultaneously.

Where you expect to make frequent usage you are recommended to have a dedicated broadband for your surfing and a seperate one for voice traffic.

Broadband_Phone_Call_PlatAs a Platinum partner we have installed many Samsung OfficeServ platforms providing VoIP capabilities for that Broadband phone call.

Best Buy VoIP Phone Systems

Call Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 to discuss all the aspects which affect that simple Broadband Phone Call.


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