Broadband Phone Line

Broadband_Phone_LineTo benefit from voice-over-the-internet you will require a Broadband Phone Line.

Your company will probably be connected to the World Wide Web already to enable you and your staff to surf-the-net for business-related information.

Even so, you should decide whether the existing line does meet your needs.  Each VoIP session you make takes up about 60Kb of band-width.  Normal internet upload capacity is about 250Kb while download is usually at least 4 times higher.  This allows one, maybe two simultaneous voip phone calls with a low-grade broadband connection, but should you frequently use these types of communication, it is recommended that you have a dedicated Broadband Phone Line purely for voice.

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A Broadband Phone Line can be provided by any Broadband provider.  You only need a product commensurate with your expected volume of call-traffic.  Hence you can consider a lower priced offering & free up bandwidth on your current circuit.

Broadband_Phone_Line_PlatDon’t guess – ring Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 to be advised about a more cost-effective Broadband Phone Line tariff


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