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broadband_phone_videoWhy buy a Broadband phone video?  Well you just wouldn’t if you have SIP lines – in this case you’d have a SIP-video phone as it’s been designed for that traffic system.

OK, so you do want a Broadband phone video – if you’re a domestic user then the Broadband phone video for you in our opinion will be the Polycom PVX which you can use on your existing Laptop or Desk PC that’s   It’ll utilise a standard USB camera that you probably have.

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If you’re like the author you’re already using Broadband phone video for catch-up TV with applications such as BBC’s iPlayer.  The technology behind it is Broadband – that’s an analogue phone line with a high frequency carrier delivering Internet content to you: e.g. YouTube video.

There really is no need for a separate Broadband video phone nowadays.  In the early days of digital communications and ISDN trunks, then these Broadband phone video packages were in demand.

broadband_phone_video_-_PlatAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we do try our hardest to tell you what is best for you.  For businesses this is going to be the OfficeServ7000 series with its fully configured systems linking your phones to your databases to make you more efficient.  One-to-one Broadband phone video through large screen colour LCDs and Samsung’s Communicator application.  OfficeServ Communicator

With 25% discounts on the OfficeServ range we think you’ll find it extremely difficult to better our prices as well as our Platinum services. That’s 0800 652 8052 for Broadband phone video.

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