Broadband Phone

broadband_phoneYour broadband phone enables you to work at home while actually being in the office – well that’s what your clients will think!  The broadband phone connects seamlessly via VoIP technology allowing your DDI calls to your normal extension to ring in your house.  You have all the same features and functionality with the broadband phone so you can transfer to reception, or to the sales desk at the press of a one-touch button.  You can access your voicemail through your broadband phone just as you would have done if you’d been into a meeting on site.  Broadband_Phone


A domestic broadband phone will probably connect through your laptop PC that’s using SKYPE as the national / international carrier.


Broadband_Phone_PlatAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we have solutions for both types of broadband phone usage.  By ringing the advisors on 0800 652 8052 we’ll be able to give you suitable advice on the use of a broadband phone to enable your firm to become more efficient and greener.

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