Broadband Telecom

Broadband_TelecomWhat is Broadband Telecom? It is the ability to link your PABX to other sites without the cost of making a call through the PSTN (BT or other least-cost-routing operators). Your conversation is converted into IP packets so that Broadband Telecom circuits can transmit it to the destination address, where it is turned back into speech at the appropriate point before being delivered to the person at the other end.

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Broadband_Telecom_25_OFFBroadband Telecom is not free as you do have to rent a broadband line, usually on a monthly basis.  The capacity of this circuit will define the number of simultaneous conversations that can take place.  This will have a bearing on the rental charge and on its usefulness to you.

We have the expertise to guide you to the most applicable broadband telecom package for your business.

Broadband_Telecom_PlatAt Telephone Systems Direct we have supplied, installed & commissioned broadband telecom for many of our customers across the UK.

Please phone us on 0800 652 8052 to discuss how it will benefit your company.


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