Broadband Telecommunications

Broadband_TelecommunicationsBroadband Telecommunications provides businesses and home users with access into the World-Wide-Web or Internet services.  Broadband Telecommunications can be delivered to your premises by fibre optic cabling, or more normally by copper wire.

The speed of the broadband telecommunications you receive depends on the distance you are from the local exchange.  Speeds of delivery to many houses may only be 1 or 2 Megabits per second, whereas those receiving theirs  via cable networks will be benefiting from upwards of 20 Mbs.

BT’s 21st Century Network project will benefit the UK population rolling out new technology and improving broadband telecommunications for most people.


Broadband_Telecommunications_25_OFFBroadband Telecommunications upload and download capacity does come with a price so you need to know which provider has the right product for you. A Business Broadband package will reduce those sharing the bandwidth of your connection.

Broadband_Telecommunications_PlatAt Telephone Systems Direct we can offer advice on Broadband Telecommunications packages for companies.  Ring us now on 0800 6528052.


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