Broadband VoIP Phone

Broadband_VoIP_PhoneAt Telephone Systems Direct we understand broadband VoIP phone usage.

Call us on 0800 652 8052 where our specialists will be happy to discuss your requirement.

Our Broadband VoIP phone range can be browsed on our web site.  You will find models which are entry-level – those with power-over-ethernet – phones which are connected through DECT – or bluetooth technologies enabling the user to have mobility in the workplace. Some even have integral voice mail.Broadband_VoIP_Phone_OFF


As a Samsung Platinum dealer we have day-to-day experience of broadband VoIP phone requirements.  Our technicians will ensure that you have an installation capable of providing the Quality of Speech desired.Broadband_VoIP_Phone_Plat

With the advent of BT’s 21st Century Network project more of the population and businesses are being offered SIP trunks.  This is essentially a broadband pipe with a defined capacity. Your broadband VoIP phone or IP-enabled communication product will be designed to connect seamlessly for you.


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