BT Converse

There is a selection of BT Converse models available from the TelephoneSystemsDirect website.


The BT Converse 2100 phone is the entry level model in the new BT Converse range, but it still has a very useful features. There are 3 speed-dial buttons at the top. Also the BT Converse 2100 business handset has a last number redial key as well. It’s wall-mountable. With a Recall button for use on telephone systems, the BT Converse 2100 is a great all-rounder.



The BT Converse 2200 has low energy consumption so no additional batteries or power supply unit required. It is PABX compatible and is wall mountable. It has a headset port and hands-free option. This BT Converse 2200 is either in white or a slate metallic colour.



bt_converse_2300The BT Converse 2300 has a 50-number call list to show the recent numbers that have been called. There is a built in handsfree speaker and a head-set socket with separate controls to answer calls. Down the right hand side of the BT Converse 2300 are 10 speed dial keys for extra quick dialling.  bt_converse.pdf

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