business call cheap phone

Business_Call_PhoneA Business Call Phone can either be digital or analogue. The business call phone that we recommend for its reliability and functionality is the OfficeServ range. A business call phone has all of the usual features as you would expect, but the Samsung handsets are designed to make the action of accessing these easy for the end-user to use, whether normal tasks like transferring and conferencing or more advanced things.

Business call phones have the flexibility to be programmed in lots of different ways so for organisations wanting to monitor activity within the system then Call Management Software can be added and accessed by a Supervisor button as opposed to a PC.

Giving more control allowing the logging in and out of agents by supervisors and collecting data such as answered or abandoned calls and the duration and queuing time of these – analysis giving improved performance!

For all business phone call solutions -  please dial 0800 652 8052.


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