Business Communication Network

Business_Communication_NetworkA business communication network is when 2 or more telephone systems are linked together via a VOIP connection. A business communication network helps companies to cut down on costs because any call made between these are free – you are paying only for the line rental.

Business_Communication_Network_25_OFFTelephoneSystemsDirect deal with many organisations who have now taken this route. We create LAN or WAN networks. Just a few benefits that you gain are the fact that you can see Busy Lamp Fields from site-to-site. Voice Mails and Quick Memos can be sent at no charge and even Paging is available.

Samsung manufacture the OfficeServ range which has up-to-date technology to allow flawless voice networking. We are Platinum dealers and offer 25% off retail price.

Business_Communication_Network_PlatWhether you are a small, medium or large company we can help you by tailoring your requirements so that the right solution is in place for you.

Please chat on 0800 652 8052.

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