Business Cordless Phone

Business_Cordless_PhoneA Business Cordless Phone uses radio access technology and is designed to funtion alongside GSM, PSTN and ISDN.

Business_Cordless_Phone_TAMA DECT business cordless phone can be programmed to work with an OfficeServ phone system or similar, so that members of staff do not miss important calls.  They can simply walk with it in their pocket.  This is useful when not using Voice Mail except for out of office hours.

Similarly Wi-Fi handsets can be utilised where there has already been an investment in a wireless LAN.

BUT today it is possible to use your MOBILE-phone as an extension of your office’s voice communication network.

Business_Cordless_Phone_duoTelephoneSystemsDirect Cheap_Business_Phone_Calls_25_OFFcan help you find the most appropriate solution for your business cordless phone requirement.

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