Business Equipment Phone System

Business Equipment phone system is basically the equipment required to set up a phone system within a business. We would start by discussing your needs and requirements – in other words how your organisation gains the most benefit from a Business Equipment phone system, with the possibility of future growth, leaving space for expansion.

Business_Equipment_Phone_System_platThe next step would be the type and number of lines needed, PSTN, Broadband/SIP Business_Equipment_Phone_Systemor ISDN. We then take care of the ordering of these ensuring also that you get a low cost call rate. Installation is undertaken by one or more of our fully accredited telecoms engineers who will have the Business Equipment phone system programmed at switch over so that operator groups and DDIs are in place.

Business_Equipment_Phone_System_25_OFFOur in-house trainers can then go to site and teach the end users how to use the day-to-day functions – a more in-depth session for the supervisor or manager to show them how to access customer level programming either via the handset or PC. Please dial 0800 652 8052.

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