Business IP Phone System

business_ip_phone_systemA Business IP phone system links multiple sites together. A Business IP phone system does this with the use of SIP or VOIP to make calls over the internet; these are made via a broadband or ISDN trunk.

Business_IP_Phone_System_25_OFFA Business IP phone system means that calling between each other becomes free of charge, immediately a cost saving bonus. Busy Lamp Fields means that one can see if another user is engaged just by looking at their programmed button which will show a constant or flashing red light depending on whether they are in a conversation, on do not disturb or dialling out, this is time and labour saving. Voice Mail can be accessed and even Pages sent using the handset speaker. A Business IP phone system is a must if a company has home workers as all phone-calls will be billed to a central point.Business_IP_Phone_System_plat

CMS (Management Software) gives supervisors the ability to monitor all activity. Dial 0800 652 8052 and speak to a member of our team.

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