Business Line Phone

Business_Line_PhoneA business line phone is a necessity whether working from a small or large company and it is so important to understand what you are buying and not become caught up too much in money saving sales patter that could tie you into unnecessarily long periods of time, bound by a contract and almost impossible to get out of without costing you a fortune.

Business_Line_Phone_25_OFFUnfortunately there are telecoms companies who employ staff to prey on businesses and reward commissions for such transactions, which puts a bad light on reputable Telecoms Dealers.

Business_Line_Phone_platAt Telephone Systems Direct we order the lines which are right for you – these could be ISDN, PSTN or SIP/Broadband – fully explaining why we recommend these Red-Care being attached to an analogue trunk.

We will find you the best rental and LCR available.

From the business line phone to a complete PBX install, maintenance and our in-house trainers who give support and training on-your site dial 0800 652 8052

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