Business PBX Phone

Business_PBX_PhoneA Business PBX phone looks just like an ordinary handset, however a Business PBX Business_PBX_Phone_25_OFFphone performs all sorts of tasks.


Not only is a Business PBX phone able to perform the basics such as making and receiving calls but can provide your organisation with tools to help production: Conferencing, External Call Forward or Transfer, Recording conversations etc. Business_PBX_Phone_3100

A Business PBX phone can be used to programme the phone system for updating your Contacts Directory, key function and number routing so you can sit at any desk to carry out on-the-spot adjustments.

The best Business PBX phone we believe is the Samsung Business_PBX_Phone_best_buyOfficeServ because the inbuilt LCD screen makes navigation for the users so easy, also for its constant reliability.One of the reasons the OfficeServ7030 & OfficeServ7400 were rated Best Buys by W2B4B magazine.

Caller Management Software can be at the touch of a button – agents can be logged in or out of groups – duration and details of Business_PBX_Phone_5200operators can be accessed to make sure that callers are not in queues waiting to be answered or worse, abandoned.

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