Business PBX

Business_PBXIf a Business PBX is what you are thinking of purchasing then there are lots of factors to consider. A Business PBX is a Private Branch Exchange and the market is flooded with them, so we do understand the difficulties in finding the right one!

Business_PBX_best_buyWe believe that cost is the main issue. At TelephoneSystemsDirect we install and maintain the OfficeServ range of Business PBX covering the UK. Primarily because Samsung are world-wide telecommunications leaders offering constant up-to-date technology and secondly, these switches are kept realistic because they are manufactured in Korea, to top that we offer
25% off RRP.

You want a Business PBX which has all the usual features and more; Voice Mail, Conferencing, Diverts, Recording ( a legal requirement in certain industries) Transfer internally and externally, Barge-in, CMS and logging – the list is endless.

Trust in your chosen telecoms dealer is paramount as your phone is usually a company’s first point of contact.

Business_PBX_platWe hold Platinum status and have been voted SME Reseller of the Year recently – established 1992 – we can provide references and testimonials whatever your industry.

0800 652 8052 to learn more.

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