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Business_Phone_CompanyWhich business phone company you decide to go with is very important as this is probably the biggest technology purchase that your company will make. You need to look at this carefully as this will hopefully be a long-term partnership.

Award-Winning Business_Phone_Systems

Business_Phone_Company_25_OFFOur business phone company has been selling PBXs to the business world since 1992 and have gained Platinum Status with Samsung Telecom.  This means that when one of our customers reports a fault to us we have the necessary part in stock to solve the problem as soon as we can. We are not waiting to order from the distribution network.

TelephoneSystemsDirect try (where we can) to have the same person on our team deal with you and project Business_Phone_Company_platmanage the installation and beyond. A larger business phone company doesn’t usually do this and we receive calls from many business people because of this reason. When they ring up bigger companies they are passed around various departments and never  speak to the same member of staff twice. Our engineers take care their own sites, where possible, as they get to know you and your system.  It’s a personal service which we offer!

Please dial 0800 652 8052 to find out more about our business phone company.

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