Business Phone Lines

Business phone lines – Analogue,  ISDN2, ISDN30, Broadband or SIP – which is right for YOU?Business_Phone_Lines

The benefits that ISDN business phone lines (2 or 30) bring to organisations is in the CLI & DDI features.  You know WHO is calling you and WHY!  Also with very low rental costs you can appeaar to have loads of lines (numbers) while only having the quantity you need.

Business_Phone_Lines_VoIPThe latest VoIP technology lines that connect email servers also allow you to browse the Internet – they enable you to link home workers and other branches of your business for no additional charge.  Identifying the correct bandwidth is the only problem – easily sorted.


Business_Phone_Lines_platTelephoneSystemsDirect are Samsung Platinum accredited dealers, maintaining and installing PBXs all over the UK.

Having held the prestigious SME Resller of the Year trophy you are assured that our customers value our services.

To chat about business phone lines and solutions – dial 0800 652 8052

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