Business Phone Numbers

Business_Phone_NumbersYour business phone numbers are extremely important to any company and the easier for customers to remember, the better.Business_Phone_Numbers_-_voip

The benefits of having ISDN2, ISDN30 or SIP lines is that you can have as many of different DDIs  (Direct Dialling Inbound) as you want.  This allows staff to have their own line to their clients, by-passing the receptionist, which makes the reception phones less hectic.

These business phone numbers are bought in blocks of 10 so the more that you buy the greater the chance of owning a memorable (Golden) one. Going down the ISDN route means that the in-bound CLI that is delivered when a customer rings in, shows the user a message in the LCD screen on their OfficeServ telephone.  This supplies the identity of the caller and which DDI they rang in on – meaning that you can appear to be operating more companies a single phone system. Basically the extension tells you how to answer that particular call – i.e.’ Good Morning Accounts’ or whichever department they happen to be in.

Business_Phone_Numbers_platWe find and order the best business phone numbers that are available in your area at the time.  We will give you choices to choose from.

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