Business Phone Plan

Business_Phone_PlanA business phone plan is a good idea to have in place so that if anything was to happen to your building, action could be taken and as little working time lost as possible. This can be set-up through companies who specialise in disaster management.

When we install a PBX in to a company we always do a business phone plan on a smaller scale.  This shows us exactly how your system is programmed, the customer is given a copy and we hold one on our files so that, in the event of something happening, we can get a map and replicate the old switch without having to trying to memorize which number rang at who’s desk and which extensions were in which group. Business_Phone_Plan_25_OFF


We use this business phone plan with our maintenance base if a fault is reported. It’s reasons like this that have earned us Samsung Platinum Status & SME Reseller of the Year award.

Financing new installations can be spread over 3 or 5 years – we’ll arrange leasing – if that’s what you want.

Installing and maintaining phone systems all over the UK. 0800 652 8052Business_Phone_Plan_plat

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