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Business phone service providers come in all sizes from the single man who works from home to the huge companies like BT that employs thousands of people. Business_Phone_Service_Providers

Business_Phone_Service_Providers_platTelephoneSystemsDirect are business phone service providers who fall in between these two categories. We are big-enough to take care of our larger accounts but still small-enough to offer a very personal service.  Hopefully when you buy a comms solution you will be happy with who you choose because, all being well, it will be a long working relationship.

Business_Phone_Service_Providers_best_buyWe feel that it is important for you to be able to speak to the same member of our team and not be passed around departments with no-one knowing you or your phone system. Where possible we also send the same engineer that installed your switch as he keeps a copy of your programming plan and remembers your phone-system and your staff.

Business_Phone_Service_Providers_25_OFFWe are Samsung Platinum dealers maintaining our customer database all over the UK

As a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year throphy you can be assured of excellect service.

To chat to us about our phone service providers support call us on
0800 652 8052

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