Business Phone Services

Business phone services are something that we think companies should look carefully at when up-grading or buying a phone-system.Business_Phone_Services

It is an expense that you don’t want to have to be repeating too often! This is why we take so much pride in the business phone services that we supply to our customers, old and new.

The range of business phone services providers is vast from the independent man working alone to the huge organisations such as BT and Azzurri who employ thousands of staff.

Business_Phone_Services_platTelephoneSystemsDirect fall somewhere in the middle of the two.

We install and maintain Samsung phone systems – with Platinum status denoting a top re-seller in the UK and a recent trophy holder as SME Reseller of the Year – our customer base is assured of excellent services.

Customers vary from large chains of businesses using the OfficeServ7400, some with VOIP networks, to small 2 extension OfficeServ 7030s.

Business_Phone_Services_best_buyWe’ll organise the ordering of lines and telephone numbers and provide full pre-planning.  Installation is carried out by our fully accredited engineers and training is given by our in-house trainers. We sort out everything from CLI, CMS to business mobile-phones so that all of your telecommunications is under our umbrella.Business_Phone_Services_25_OFF

To talk to us about the business phone services provided by ourselves please call 0800 652 8052

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