Business Phone Small System VoIP

Business_Phone_Small_System_VoIPIf you want a business phone small system VoIP then the OfficeServ7030 should be considered.  This is a smaller system that can enable VoIP using the internet protocol via an analogue line (Broadband) . Local Area Networks (LAN) can be VoIP’d together from a central office.

Business_Phone_Small_System_VoIP_phoneTelephoneSystemsDirect have lots of businesses on our maintenance base that have done just this.  It is particularly beneficial if a company employs home workers or reps out on the road.  We program them their own extension with the use of a voip-phone – which looks like a normal modern digital telephone, or you could have soft-phones which run off a PC or laptop.  Either way BLFs (busy lamp fields) can be seen, voice mail accessed and even paging intercom can be actioned plus a whole host of other features. Business_Phone_Small_System_VoIP_best_buy

We will explain fully the benefits of a business phone small system VoIP and why the OfficeServ telecoms range is an obvious choice for any size of organisation, it has flexibility, reliability and is realistically priced.

Please call 0800 652 8052 – SME Reseller of the Year award – Business_Phone_Small_System_VoIP_platSamsung Platinum dealership – satisfaction guaranteed!

business phone small system voip.

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