Business Phone System Price

Business_Phone_System_PriceTo ask how much a business phone system price is, is a question that we can’t just answer at random. A business phone system price depends on different factors and we want you to understand these fully when purchasing new, or upgrading an old PBX.

For us to obtain a true picture of your business and assess which of phone system is right for you, we need to know how many extensions are needed – both Handsets and Analogue (Faxes, Franking Machines, DECT and PDQs all fall in this category).  We recommend headsets for users that are answering the telephone whilst simultaneously working on a PC.

Business_Phone_System_Price_25_OFFWe order your lines (SIPs, ISDNs or PSTNs) ensuring a you receive good number range (if required) and low cost calls.  In doing so we deal direct with the provider so that if any problems arise, at the time of ordering or in the future – they get sorted – FAST.

We offer our demonstration of Samsung’s products to highlight features such as CLI, Conferencing, Trunk-to-Trunk transferring, Call-Logging, CMS and VOIP etc. We believe that companies large and small benefit from such attention to detail.

Business_Phone_System_Price_platTelephoneSystemsDirect hold Samsung Platinum status, cover the UK, and have held the prestigious
SME Reseller of the Year
title quite recently.

If you would like to talk about your business phone system price OR maintenance quote dial 0800 652 8052 .

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