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Business_Phone_System_SaleBusiness_Phone_System_Sale_Phone_SystemA business phone system sale is (of course) important to us – however we prefer to look at the bigger picture. It is not only about a business phone system sale when purchasing a new PBX.  You are hopefully entering into a working partnership that will last a long time. You need Reliability from whoever you choose to install and carry out the maintenance on your phone-system.  This is is paramount.

Business_Phone_System_Sale_HSWith this in mind here at TelephoneSystemsDirect we want to guide you through the whole process. There are unscrupulous firms that try to force you to enter into lengthy contracts offering cheap deals.  These can turn into a headache for most people who find their lines are inferior and tariffs change without notice. This is just one of the elements that we take care of – the ordering of the correct amount of SIP, ISDN or PSTN channels .  With a great number range and LCR – but no hidden costs.Business_Phone_System_Sale_25_OFF

Business_Phone_System_Sale_platWe explain exactly what you require and have our own fully accredited telecoms engineers (who travel all over the UK) professionally commission your business phone system sale

We are a Samsung Platinum dealership which gives to our customer base the re-assurance that if any problems do arise  that we resolve them very quickly. We stock all of the necessary equipment and don’t have to order parts from a 3rd party.

Unless we are mistaken you are looking for reduced priced telephone systems.

SALE: we give 25% off retail price too! Call 0800 652 8052 for a no obligation chat.

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