Business Phone Ssystem VoIP

Business Phone System VoIP is where 2 or more sites are linked together via a VoIP’d broadband (or SIP) connection. Business_Phone_System_VoIP

Business_Phone_System_VoIP_best_buyIt can link two or more premises allowing “free” calls between them.  Home workers also benefit from their home internet service.  With an IP phone connected to their router, they can answer callers when the office is short-staffed or everyone is occupied.

business_phone_system_voipA business phone system VoIP can be any combination of all of the above. This offers an ideal solution for companies that are mindful of keeping their expenses down as all traffic is monitored in one place.

Business_Phone_System_VoIP_25_OFFThe benefits of a business phone system VoIP is that each handset shows the busy lamp fields and can access features such as Off-Hook answering and they can send memos direct to the Voice Mail of homeworkers, reps and personnel on the road.  This can save a huge amount of money on mobile bills.

Call Management software allows supervisors and managers to monitor all activity through the phone-system and draw exact data statistics.

TelephoneSystemsDirect installs and maintains Samsung’s OfficeServ range throughout the UK. (Plus older DCS & iDCS platforms)

Samsung Platinum dealers (established 1992).  Recent holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy.Business_Phone_System_VoIP_plat

Please dial 0800 652 8052 to talk about your business phone system voip requirements.

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