Business Phone System

business_phone_system_best_buyWhen looking for a business phone system you really have to look at who you are buying it from because this is an investment you want to last for as long as possible.


business_phone_systemThe OfficeServ range has models ranging from the 7030 to the 7400 with ideal solutions for a small 2 extension PBX right up to massive switches with hundreds of extensions. The beauty of the Samsung telephone systems is that they are designed to grow and change with you, having the ability to add or reduce lines and user ports.


A business phone system typically uses ISDN or analogue channels which can carry voice and data, we arrange and order these for you so that if any problems arise we can speak direct to the provider. A business phone system can be voiped together, they have great features like CMS ( providing companies with exact stats from the PABX), the telephony server application (which is an excellent alternative to auto diallers) aimed at call centres, PC run office software plus many more.

business_phone_systemTo talk to us about your business phone system d 0800 652 8052 or visit our shop.

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