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Business_PhonesBusiness phones are such an important accessory to any company that they have to be right.Business_Phones_DCS

Business Phones (TDM)

Business (VoIP)

The Samsung business phones are not just easy to use thanks to a clear LCD screen but they are modern and up-to-date which looks great in the work place.Business_Phones_DECT These OfficeServ business phones are attached to a Samsung-phone-system which we feel is not only cost effective but a very adaptable PBX too, whether  you are a small 2 extension switch or a huge multi-national site.

These Business phones will prompt the end user through features such as Conferencing, Trunk-to-Trunk Transferring, Paging, Voice Mail and Call recording (Which is a legal requirement in certain industries).

Business_Phone_25_OFFBEST BUY phone systems: OfficeServ7030 & OfficeServ7400 with 25% OFF RRPBusiness_Phones_WiFi

Business_Phones_platWe are Platinum dealers and maintain telephone-systems and business phones all over the UK. Established 1992 with our own fully accredited engineers and in-house trainers.

Video testimonials from our customers can be sent to you if requested – so what have you got to loose?

Dial 0800 652 8052 and speak to one of our telecoms experts.

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