Business Telecommunications

Business_TelecommunicationsBusiness telecommunications is our profession at TelephoneSystemsDirect and has been since 1992.  We’ve been providing business telecommunications packages to clients across the length and breadth of the UK – & that has won us the SME Reseller of the Year award with their votes.

In business telecommunications you have to have the product that offers the right features and facilities to businessmen and their staff.

Business_Telecommunications_25_OFFIn the DCS and iDCS platforms that we started with, we saw just those qualities.  Today those systems have been developed into the OfficeServ7000 series to make business telecommunications even more productive.

Business_Telecommunications_platNow you can dial from you MS Outlook contacts at the click of your mouse while being in your home, but as a VoIP extension of the office business telecommunications platform.  No need to battle your way through the traffic really.

So please ring 0800 652 8052 for business telecommunications solutions that your business can depend on.

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