Business Telephone Companies

Business_Telephone_CompaniesBusiness_Telephone_Companies_CRNAll business telephone companies slot into 3 different categories.

  • Firstly is the ‘one-man-band’ who works independently from his garage.
  • Next is the medium sized dealership employing their own engineers with a fully staffed office
  • and lastly the massive business telephone companies such as BT.

TelephoneSystemsDirect falls into the middle category of business telephone companies. We have an accredited telecoms engineering team carrying out installations and maintaining companies’ telephone systems of all sizes across the whole of the UK including the Isle-of-White.


Business_Telephone_Companies_platWe are Samsung Platinum re-sellers which means that we carry stock parts at all times so the if a fault is reported we can sort out the problem as soon as possible.  Recently we were voted the SME Reseller of the Year – well chuffed we were!

With our size of company, one of the main advantages is that our customers are able to deal with the same person on most calls – unlike the larger business telephone companies who tend to pass their clients around, usually causing frustration.

Business_Telephone_Companies_25_OFFWe specialise in the OfficeServ range, specifically the 7030, 7100,7200 and 7400.
We offer 25% off RRP
We’ll analyse your phone bills and recommend specific tariffs & rentals to minimise your unique calling profile.

For more information browse our site or dial 0800 652 8052.

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