Business Telephone Services

Business_Telephone_Services_UmbrellaYour business telephone services should cover all aspects of buying and running a phone-system. To keep all of your business telephone services ‘under one umbrella’ is what Telephone-Systems-Direct is all about.


From the outset we advise and order the correct lines – finding notable telephone-numbers. We then provide free advice on how best to programme the PABX to suit your needs. Our engineers carry out the installation followed by a visit from our in-house trainer to get you through any teething problems. Business_Telephone_Services_plat

We are Samsung Platinum status re-sellers which enables us to be able to offer 25% off the OfficeServ 7030, 7100, 7200 and 7400 voice servers.

Other business telephone services provided by TelephoneSystemsDirect includes Voice Mail with record, CMS, Call Centre Software, Auto Attendant and VOIP networks.

Business_Telephone_ServicesFinding the most cost-effective tariffs are amongst other business telephone services in our portfolio.

If you are upgrading or purchasing a telecoms-switch or would like to talk to us about UK maintenance on your existing PBX please dial 0800 652 8052 or browse our website. .

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