Business Telephony Systems

Award winning business telephony systems : OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400.  GOOD VALUE is the conclusion that “What to Buy for Business†magazine came to.

In their business telephony systems review they were looking at the features, facilities and functionality provided that business telephony systems gave weighted against the recommended retail prices.

business_telephony_systemsSo when you discover that TelephoneSystemsDirect knock off 25% discount you’ll understand that you’ll receive exceptional value when you purchase your business telephony systems from us.

Business_Headsets_25_OFFWe include the OfficeServ7100 and OfficeServ7200 in this rating.  The whole business telephony systems family is packed with terminals and applications: DS2100B, DS5007S, DS5014S, DS5038S, DS5014D, DS5021D, DS5064, SMT-i3100, SMT-i3105, SMT-i5210, SMT-i5220, SMT-i5230, SMT-i5243, SMT-i5264 , SMT-W5120 and pc-based OfficeServ-SoftPhone, DECT300, DECT600, plus MOBEX mobiles. OfficeServ-Operator, OfficeServ-ACD, OfficeServ-IVR, OfficeServ-Contact Centre, OfficeServ-Communicator, OfficeServ-Call-Reporting.

We’d welcome your call to our advisors to discuss how we can help your business with our business telephony systems solutions on 0800 652 8052. Ring us now!

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