Business Voice Over IP

Business_Voice_Over_IPBusiness voice over ip is an attractive proposition to most businesses, this is because of the high cost of phone-calls made over a fixed telephone line. business voice over ip or Voip (Voice-Over-Internet-protocol) works by conversations being carried over the internet in other words a computer application that is used to send voice data over the net as opposed to a copper cable.

Business_Voice_Over_IP_25_OFFAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we save lots of companies money by enabling business voice over ip to function via their switch, this is possible because if a company has home-worker or reps out on the road smart phones can be installed on laptops, the calls which happen between these extensions and the main telephone-system are free, another point is that all off the billing goes to one place, saving labour time. business voice over ip has the flexability to show Busy lamp fields and page throughout all sites. Networks can be formed linking many sits together (LAN).

Business_Voice_Over_IP_platTelephone-system-direct are Samsung Platinum re-sellers giving our customers 25% off rrp off the OfficeSrev 7100,7030,7200 and 7400 ranges. Please dial 0800 652 8052 to talk to us about your business voice over ip enquiries

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