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To buy headset cheaply – dial 0800 652 8052.buy_headset_cs60

buy headset
At Telephone Systems Direct we pride ourselves that our price for phone systems and accessories are among the most competitive in the UK.  BROCHURE

buy headset
buy_headset_boomWhether you want a corded headset or a BlueTooth cordless headset you can buy with confidence from us.  We normally deliver to you by next working day using our prestige courier service when you have ordered by credit card over the telephone.

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Monaural, Binaural, Intra-Ear, Over-the-Head, Under-the-Chin, Noise Cancelling, USB, DECT…………………………….…you name it, we’ll supply it.

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How do we sell headsets to you at knock-down prices?  By keeping our margins tight; not having loads of sales people on the road; marketing through the Internet; having good suppliers who value our trade and give us preferential discounts.  That’s how!

buy headset

Learn more about our headset portfolio by dialling 0800 652 8052.

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