cable & wireless telephone

cable__wireless_telephoneIf you’re searching for a low cost cable & wireless telephone then read on…….

In business a cable & wireless telephone could mean a model that has a CAT5e plug and gives you cordless mobility.  We have loads of those that fit entry level and enterprise phone systems such as the BEST BUY rated OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400 (What to Buy for Business magazine).

cable__wireless_telephone_WTBFBFor the general public then searchers for a cable & wireless telephone will be wanting one that plugs into a line supplied by the firm Cable & Wireless.  These are not special – they can be any analogue or DECT telephone – go to your High Street phone shop to see what they’ve got, or better still, ring us up on 0800 652 8052 where our knowledgeable advisors have access to hundreds of phones from a wide spectrum of manufacturers.  If you want a phone specifically marketed by C&W then re-search the Internet with CWD included your search.  cable__wireless_telephone.pdf

Our margins are tight as are our overheads so we can supply a cable & wireless phone cheaper that most shops and online stores.

So pick up your phone, dial 0800 652 8052, and chat to our team, NOW!

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