cable & wireless telephones

cable__wireless_telephonesThere are a number of Cable & Wireless telephones available through the internet.

The Cable and Wireless CWR6600 cordless phone with its stylish looks is smaller than most conventional wireless telephone terminals, making it ideal for a space-conscious buyer. It has flexibility to add further handsets should you want and with a CLI display, lets you know who’s ringing before you answer. 

The Cable & Wireless telephones ranges currently (at the time of writing) includes: CWP150, CWP200, CWP250, CWP500, CWP750, CWT600 &  CWT2100 (with answering machine), CWB100, CWB200, CWB500 and CWB600.  These Cable & Wireless telephones are for private or business usage.

Should you require information on any specific Cable & Wireless telephones then please do not hesitate to contact TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 where our advisors will help you.  Besides supplying these style of analogue telephones we major on the Samsung OfficeServ7000 series of voice servers with both proprietary TDM & IP hand-sets.  We have a comprehensive umbrella of support services including cabling, installation, programming and training plus financing of capital telecoms purchases.

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