cable networking

cable_networkingToday cable networking has a number of connotations – probably the most notable is structured cabling in offices and business centres.  This cable networking frees the facilities manager from expensive costs whenever it becomes necessary to move people about.  Gone are the days when you’d have to coordinate the simultaneous arrival of a telecoms engineer and a computer technician to relocate the person’s PC and phone.

Today’s CAT5e or CAT6 cable networking allows the IT professional to unplug these devices from the wall or floor outlets,  reposition them, then go to the comms room where they re-patch two RJ45 patch leads on the patch-panels and the job’s done – simple!  cable_networking.pdf

cable_networking_PlatinumThe different cable networking standards 5, 5e and 6 are increasing distances and speed.  With fibre optic cable networking GigaBit speeds are realised for data-hungry applications.  The other benefit with fibre-optics is security as there are no radio emissions that can be spied on!

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