cabling a data center

cabling_a_data_centerFor cabling a data center, firstly you need to be American, because in the UK we have data centres.  Secondly you’ll require full access to either the ceiling void or under-floor trunking. cabling_a_data_center.pdf


When cabling a data center the planners should allow for the maximum number of RJ45 outlets wherever a pod of desks could be placed.  You can easily use dual or quad faceplates dependant on the floor box configurations.  In some situations the only route for cabling a data center is from above.  In this case hollow posts are positioned in the centre of a desk-cluster with both power and data points being fed down the pole.


The author has seen how cabling a data center is achieved – a team of skilled engineers descend on the site armed with reels of CAT5e or CAT6, patch panels, cabinets, cable-management and the tools of the trade.  Looking at the cabling plans that have been previously agreed, they first run in the cables and then follow that up with termination after all cable runs have been properly clipped or screened from electrical interference.

Finally all each outlet is numbered and “as installed†drawings are produced for the site’s records.

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