cabling contractors

cabling_contractorsLooking for cabling contractors to implement a structured cabling system for you?

At Telephone Systems Direct we have the experience and capability you’d expect from cabling contractors.

The installation of CAT5, 5e and 6 is very specialised.  Installers need to understand the specifications of the cabling as we as the implementation requirements.  Preserving bend radius, supporting horizontal runs and vertical routes with tie-wraps at the correct distances where tray work is not provided, is crucial to preserve the performance of the cable.  Where electrical contractors offer to install the data cabling you have to be confident of their accreditation – they might seem less expensive but can they guarantee the end-result – we can.   cabling_contractors.pdf

Our technicians have implemented miles of CW1308 through green-field sites, or old mills.  So as cabling contractors we know our stuff.

If you’re also trying to locate a communications package call us on 0800 652 8052 where we can discuss a solution as well as being your cabling contractors.


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