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cabling_installersThere are literally thousands of cabling installers in the UK.  You’ll find that in many building contracts the electrical contractor acts as the cabling installers.  This is fine if the cabling for power or the lights, but not really for data.

CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 all require cabling installers who have been trained and certified by the cabling system manufacturers to install the cable to a strict set of requirements.  Unless the cabling installers lay the cables horizontally and vertically, supported at specified distances and spaced away from general purpose electrics with minimum bending radius where the cabling goes round corners – then the cable’s performance will not be delivered and you won’t get what you’ve paid for!  cabling_installers.pdf

Choose your cabling installers carefully – ask for referral sites – speak to the IT Managers – go look at the installation – request a detailed breakdown of the quotation – see what you’re getting.  Most cabling installers will quote a price-per-point with the hardware quoted additionally – at TelephoneSystemsDirect all the cabling, panels, patch leads and mini-trunking is included.

0800 652 8052 for the best in telecoms cabling installers.

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